How To Love

selfloveHe was brilliant and beautiful, a spiritually gifted being; at first, that’s all I could see. Over time, she showed her shadows, the broken wings she didn’t intend for me to see. You know, that undeveloped, broken part of him/her/we that usually remains hidden in the beginning.

But eventually, time reveals all things.  Be it your mother or brother whom you once looked at with eyes that could find no fault in them, or friends and lovers along the way; time reveals all shadows lurking in the dark corners of the human soul.

And sometimes, we don’t need time, it’s evident right away.

In the moment…when the shadows are revealed…you have a decision to make.  A decision that will contribute to your own personal fate.  Do I continue to love, or do I allow judgement and hate to pervade me?  And if I allow judgement, how is that helping?

I prayed about it.  Countless times, over countless years regarding countless disappointments that I faced in the face of the many beautiful souls I met along the way.  Wanting them to be only the beauty that I saw in them, rejecting their broken wings. Wanting them to measure up to MY expectations of them, ignoring the song their soul sings.

All of this wanting lead to my suffering.

God, how do I handle my feelings? How do I keep from critiquing, assessing and judging? It seems that these thoughts are now keeping me from loving.

“It’s simple,” God said, “repeat this decree…

“I am completely unattached to and unaffected by how others choose to live their lives.  I am simply a vessel through which unconditional love flows.”

Wow.  Instantly the heavy weight that came with shifting my focus from the beauty to the brokenness was lifted when I remembered that my only responsibility in life is to be a vessel through which unconditional love flows. I remembered that if I am to remain at peace, then I have to remain emotionally unattached to my expectations of how I think people should be…including myself…first and foremost, myself.

I remembered that it’s impossible to give to others that which I have yet to give to myself…unconditional love. I can only love others in the manner and to the degree in which I love myself.  It was only once I could love and accept myself completely, wholeheartedly, unconditionally, with flaws and all, that I could offer others the same.

Wanting, wanting, wanting…leads to suffering. Loving, loving, loving…leads to healing.

Response – Ability…the ability to respond…and the manner in which we do this is what makes all the difference. I now only respond to myself and to others with unconditional love. And in doing this, everything works out in the manner in which God has designed. I am simply a vessel through which unconditional love flows.

Peace, love and light, 

Selena J

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  6 comments for “How To Love

  1. Shawntell
    February 20, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    Thank you… thank you. I appreciate the words of wisdom and encouragement. I will take this to heart.


    • Selena J
      February 21, 2014 at 11:10 am

      My pleasure Shawntell! Thank you!

  2. Eugene Thomas
    February 19, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    Selena, I have to write to tell you that this is an affirmation of what is happening in my life recently. There is love in my marriage, along with tension and distance. I have been working to be more accepting in the last few weeks because I realized there is so much that is out of my control. As much as I would love to take your class, it would cause issues for me, especially if my spouse ever saw you, or a picture of you. It would be assumed that there was more to it, at least on my part. But a friend had a link to to a site about solfeggio frequencies and OM Harmonics. I opted for the solfeggio frequencies and discovered the enormous amount posted on youtube. I have been going to sleep listening to either Chakra healing/cleansing or relaxation/healing, and it has made a big difference in how I rest and how I feel. I’m sure I could get so much more from your class if my situation was different.
    But I’m writing because you have always posted/e-mailed or commented about things that I needed to do or change without ever knowing me, and I wanted to say again how much I appreciate what you do. I believe that God led me to what I needed based on my situation, but he used you to show me and others that there is a path and hope and a positive result.
    Thank you for being there, and being you.

    • Selena J
      February 20, 2014 at 12:49 pm

      Blessings Eugene, thank you for your transparency as I’m sure it’s a help to others who may be in a similar situation. I totally understand your circumstances and am grateful that even if you can’t attend my classes, that you can still receive from me (God through me) electronically. Peace, love and light to you! Happy to be a part of your journey!

  3. Corey Wells
    February 19, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    Peace, love & light to you Goddess! Thank you for sharing your word’s, truly insightful. You are truly a kindred spirit. My soul continues too weep with love, as i learn how not to be complacent. The struggle of expectation in others is only a struggle within oneself. Peace love & light Goddess!

    • Selena J
      February 20, 2014 at 12:53 pm

      Peace, love & light God, thank you for your kind words and acknowledgment of truth! All of life is an inward journey manifested externally. Once we get that everything points back to ‘self,’ we will grow at rapid rates spiritually! “May the long time sun shine upon you, All love surround you, And the pure light within you, guide your way on.”

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