Why Winners Win

sj&RainieDo you ever wonder why some people are successful and progressive, while others are miserable and just barely getting by in life?  A great deal of it has to do with how a person sees him or herself.  Your self-concept is the idea or mental image that you have of yourself, which includes how you see your strengths, weaknesses, status, etc…basically, your self-image.  Countless studies are showing that how you see yourself is at the root of your success or failure in life because you deal with life and relate to others based upon your self-concept.  That is why professional athletes, businessmen and women, and successful people of all types of people spend a great deal of time training their minds with positive reinforcement.

Everything in our lives stem from our minds, meaning, how highly you think of yourself determines how high you soar in life.  Have you ever met a person who is just amazingly talented in your eyes but they just don’t seem to be manifesting their dreams or doing much of anything with their talents?  I bet if you asked them some questions you’d find out that he or she is not very secure in their talents.  You may find that they have very limiting and often negative thoughts about themselves.  And on the flipside, those who seem to possess no true talent at all could be doin’ it real big with the little to no talent they have!  What’s the difference?  The person that seems to have no talent has something greater than talent, and that is a healthy self-concept.  They believe in themselves and their ability to make their dreams a reality.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it till I die; the major difference between those who are thriving and successful in their lives and those who aren’t is their mentality.  It’s how they see themselves.  That is why it is so important that you build your kids up with lots of love and encouragement and to teach them to believe in themselves.  If the opposite happens, that child can grow up with all the talent in the world, but with a self-defeating, limiting mindset, causing them to never amount to anything.

People are living positive and wonderful lives because they have a positive and wonderful state of mind; which all stems from their concept of self, which stems from how their self-concept was nurtured as a child and throughout their lives.  Once you begin to reprogram your mind with positive, healthy, and uplifting thoughts, words and emotions, then you begin to change the experiences and level of success that you have in every aspect of your life!

Also, once we get to know whom we truly are, how beautiful and different we all were made to be, then we can better appreciate someone else’s beauty and unique qualities and begin to co-exist without hating on each other.  We only hate on each other because we are not totally confident and secure in the knowledge of how special we are individually.  Be free.  Get to know yourself better.  Read some self-empowerment books or listen to some motivational CDs, and keep a journal to chart your thoughts.  The investment that you make into increasing your self-concept will pay rewards that will lead you straight to YOUR NEXT LEVEL!  Click Here to take a more in depth look at how to evaluate and then change your self-concept.  -love and light, sj

  2 comments for “Why Winners Win

  1. shawna
    January 12, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    This is so very uplifting and extremely TRUE. Thanks

    • Selena J
      January 16, 2014 at 1:44 pm

      You’re very welcome Shawna! Feel free to e-mail me if there’s anything that I can help you with. selenaj@selenaj.com! Blessings~

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